My Pretty Folder...

Daily reading on fashion, art, music, & design has really brought out my girly side! Who is this girl that must have fresh flowers on her desk? How have I lasted this long without little pink flowers brightening up my day?! A tall glass of yummy guava juice in the morning doesn't hurt either. Sitting next to the flowers is a framed photo of my roommate and me from Freshman year. She has her braces and we're at Disneyland. I remember the day perfectly. Fast forward four years and I'm finally graduating! I can't believe it. I distinctly remember having a conversation with a senior when I was a freshman and I couldn't understand how she was ready to do be done at Pepperdine! As a freshman, I was so excited to be in Malibu. I had finally made it to California and I was living the LIFE. Don't get me wrong, the last four years have definitely been amazing but I am ready to get out of here. Blair, Jackie and I are only a couple steps away from securing a quaint little townhouse in Brentwood. We've been given the "ok" to paint the walls and, man, that has opened a can of worms! Oh the possibilitites! I've been dreaming of color schemes and home decor. There's so many directions we can go with a blank slate and total creative freedom. We're definitely still going to be working on a college budget, but I'm so excited to scour the flea markets for hidden treasures to fill our new home. Plants, mirrors, baskets, wall art, framed photographs, hardware for the furniture, maybe matching silverware? Goodbye "dorm room" living. We're big girls now! Scouring design and fashion blogs has become a little hobby/obsession of mine and I've been keeping a "Pretty" folder on my desktop of ideas and things that catch my eye for whatever reason. Here are some of the latest:
[supposedly white cranes symbolize death. i still like it though. if i make a crane mobile of my own, how about yellow?] [obsessed with the exposed brick in this apartment...and the cluster of lanterns! photo from cheri and david's apartment] [this room is so bright and sunny. i adore the vibrant and mismatched curtains...not to mention that pink chair!] [the townhouse currently has a weird pastel green color on the walls. we like this instead. still undecided.] And last but not least, the skirt below will be my next sewing project. It's official. [how CUTE?! from Plasticskyline.com]
Time to take my head out of the clouds and get back to studying. Or start studying? Hmm. Gotta concentrate...only one more final left!

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do you want to make me one too? thanks. --your sis.